Free Money for Scientific Games

Land-based and online casino Canada brand Scientific Games is ahead of the curve as safety, security, and health regulations lead to an increasingly cashless culture. They recently made an announcement that they had purchased ACS’s cashless land-based application PlayOn.

The ACS-created product is a cashless table gaming offering and payment solution that functions by permitting players to instantly top off their available funds using their debit cards. In addition to being a far safer alternative to carrying around and dealing in cash, this also gives the added convenience of not having to leave the table to take care of banking and money problems while enjoying casino games.


Innovation-Based Leadership

Scientific Games, who confirmed the product’s rebranding as “Access To On Demand Money” (or AToM for short), said the deal would put the iGaming and technology behemoth in a position of leadership in the movement toward cashless casinos and table games, like those found at the online casino Canada sites they power.


According to a representative from Scientific Games, AToM’s already formidable presence in the United States only strengthens this point. The statement was confirmed, and AToM is now active and fully functional on an astounding 600 gaming tables in New Mexico, Nevada, and California.


The most notable of Scientific Games Corporation’s cashless payment solutions is its Unified Wallet, which is bolstered by the company’s most recent purchase. Using a dedicated mobile app, users of the aforementioned offering get instant access to their funds. These money are good for both table games and EGMs (automatic gaming machines).


With Unified Wallet, players may instantly deposit funds into and withdraw winnings from their accounts at electronic gaming terminals.


A Value-Added Enhancement for SG

The addition of the AToM cashless payment option to the group’s existing array of cash-free solutions is exciting and a big step forward for the company, according to Rob Bone, Senior VP of Global Systems and Tables at Scientific Games.


He claimed that the product’s acquisition will allow Scientific Games to offer yet another high-quality, custom option to casino owners. It will also make it possible for Canadians who play at online casinos to use their winnings for real-world purchases anytime they like.


According to Bone, the recently acquired product is an extremely beneficial complement to the company’s portfolio of tech and gaming products.


Using AToM, you can send money in an environment that is both secure and trustworthy. Also helpful for managing the casino’s finances internally is the fact that it integrates seamlessly with the property’s bookkeeping software.

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